Proton a Decentralized Platform for Virtual Servers

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How it Works

Proton is designed to change the way the world uses and manages virtual servers. Our users will be able to deploy and manage their servers on the Proton platform, with the peace of mind that their information is completely secured and only in their possession. The native currency that will be used on the Proton Platform will be Pro coin. The coin was specifically designed to be process transactions instantly with zero fees, and multiple layers of security via a proof of stake algorithm.

Fast Transfers


Payment System

Zero Fees



The Proton Platform makes managing and deploying a virtual server as easy as possible. Our platform is designed to allow users to fully customize the servers, with their desired specifications. Access to the platform will be directly through the users web wallet.  This feature will streamline all operations, allowing users to manage current servers and deploy new servers instantly.



Proton mobile platform will provide users on the go full access to all their servers. Users will be able to check on the status of the servers, and easily manage their servers directly on their mobile device. The mobile app will also have the option to add push notifications to receive alert messages.

Proton Roadmap

  • Launch Proton Blockchain
  • Exchange Listings
  • Release of Lite Page

Q1 2022

  • Development of Mobile and Web Platforms
  • Development of Web Wallet
  • Release of White Paper

Q2 2022

  • Establishment of World Wide Sever Systems
  • Integrating of Server Systems Across All Platforms
  • Testing Phase of All Platforms

Q3 2022

  • Beta Release of the Web Platform
  • Beta Release of Mobile Platform
  • TBA

Q4 2022

Proton Wallets